First up, don’t ever pay for playlisting — it’s not a thing. The only sure way to get placed on Spotify playlists is through the playlist submission tool. Surprisingly, knowing someone at Spotify or sending an email won’t help your case. It’s all about the music.

In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, Mr. Erlich states, “The playlist submission tool is the only way we review music. People may text me their song, but I tell them they need to submit it in the tool because that’s how you get playlisting. Editorial decisions are based purely on the quality of the song and its fit in the playlist. I was just telling a label that everyone emailing me doesn’t increase your chances of getting on a playlist at all.”

“We have 3,000 Spotify playlists. But there are also a lot of independent playlists. Fresh Finds actually takes into account tastemakers who are not internal.”

Source Forbes:
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